Prohodna cave

Prohodna cave: one day trip from Sofia

I spent this summer in Bulgaria. First of all, it is not necessary to travel long distance to find a new place and adventure. There is so much to be seen in my country. So if you are looking for a one day tour from Sofia and you want to experience the power of the nature, this is my travel advice. Only 110 km away from the capital of Bulgaria in northwestern direction you will reach the Prohodna cave, also known as The Eyes of God. The cave is a natural phenomenon, famous with its positive energy and the movies shot here.

But how to reach it? If you drive in direction Lukovit, after Karlukovo village you will see the sign:

Prohodna sign

Now park the car and walk 500m to one of the cave’s entrances. The area is popular with the karst caves and this is the origin of this one too. Do not forget to put comfortable shoes on. There is no entrance fee and working hours. You simply need to pray for good weather.


The Prohodna cave is the longest rock bridge in Bulgaria with two entrances. So when you reach it, you will be astonished by its size. (30-50m high) While entering, on the vertical walls you will see people, keen on rock climbing.


These are the local spider-men. 🙂 So prepare the camera and go inside. In the middle of the tunnel you will reach a place where the light from the roof will invite you to look up.


And this is the moment when you feel so small in front of the mother nature. Two holes in the roof, made by the water and erosion, with the same size and the shape of eyes are watching you.

The Eyes of God

Eyes of God

These are the Eyes of God. Yet everyone can feel the moment in a different way. Let’s hope there are not so many people around and you can look into you. Opposite the Eyes of God you will see an icon of Jesus on the wall.


There are plenty of opportunities for nice photos, but be careful while looking up. Don’t forget to check where you are stepping because there are stones and sand. Always think first about your safety and not about the picture.


Going further inside into the longest cave tunnel in Bulgaria just after the big rock turn back. There is the place to take a picture of the light going through the holes on the roof. There is some magic. A moment only for you, when you stop thinking.


On the other side of the cave if you are brave enough, you can jump with bungee.


Or just sit and enjoy the strong men climbing the walls. You will see girls climbing too. And after 10 min you will ask yourself “hmm maybe I can try and start training this”.

rock climbing

You can watch the cave in Bulgarian and foreign movies. Some of them are Time of Violence, the Bulgarian movie from 1988, and the American movie: The Expendables 2.


And if you like to walk in the nature, there is a path from this exit. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take the eco path and I went to another small cave nearby. From there you can enjoy the view to the whole Karlukovo plateau. The region has tradition in cave exploring.

eco path

Finally, 1 hour is enough for this visit. So you can also combine it with other sites in the area as we did with the group of nvision travel.

The Glozhene monastery

After the visit to Prohodna cave, our tour continued with another destination. In the afternoon we went to visit the Glozhene monastery, located in the Balkan Mountains.

Glozhene monastery

This experience I will share with you in my next photo story from Bulgaria.

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