Destination management

You have a great idea or product and you are wondering how to transform it into an experience? Whether you are a tourism board, travel company, airline, property or brand/product, I can help you.

Let’s start talking:

  • Social media:

Need help to use the power of social media and connect with your audience? Your website is not working well or needs a breath of fresh air? You want to get started and be active on TripAdvisor, twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other channels? My team will help you develop your presence and get you where you want to be.

  • Photography:

Photography gives me the chance to show through my eyes the destinations I visit and the people I meet. It allows me to capture and share my favorite places the way I see and feel them. If you want more people to see the beauty of your destination, place or event, I will be happy to capture it for you. For bigger events I can bring along a team of three or more photographers.

  • Videos:

Make it interactive. Make it move. Give your future clients the possibility to experience you before they arrive. We can create a professionally produced and edited video feature for you, which present your destination through my eyes as a traveler!

  • You want a blog: Let me help you get started.
  • Travel fairs: You need to choose where to present your destination or product, but you don’t have the budget to visit each travel fair in the world. Let me help you find the right fairs or even represent you there.
  • Reviews: You need a review for your destination or product, let me help to write it the best way.
  • Celebrity appeal: You want some celebrity appeal for your destination or event? I may be able to help you…

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