I would like to introduce to you my gang: the people, who helped me turn my dream into reality.
These guys rock. Without them there would be no bettytravels.com.
Thank you all who gave me a hand and believed in the project.

“Crazy people, crazy people! Long shall they live!“ – Ivan Vazov, the Bulgarian book “Under the Yoke


gangDOP and Editor: Tedd Georgiev (Tedd)

The person through whose lens you will be tracking my trips. Nothing can stop him from getting the perfect shot. He runs backwards through fields, he climbs onto roofs, ships, and if he could, he would be flying too. It is good the drone got invented and he doesn’t need to do so. I am planning a lot of challenges for him but I believe that he will manage because he loves his job and he is always seeking for the maximum in the video shooting.

You can learn more about him and follow him.





Photographer: Elitsa Lozanova (Eli)

The best photographer among lawyers and the best lawyer among photographers. This is Elitsa (Eli). She will entertain us not only with beautiful photos from our trips, but also with funny ones taken backstage during the work process.

You can have a look at her photos and follow her .







Project coordinator: Albena Tsankova (Beni)

The next person from my gang is Beni. We would be lost without her, she coordinates it all and she assists backstage. She may look pointedly at you and talk some sense into you whenever needed. She is in charge of the English texts and subtitles and she edits my long sentences in Bulgarian and English. My Proofreader. J We are grateful, Beni! Also, she’s my sister.







He is a Capricorn guy and has a bulldog (just like our cameraman, these are the criteria by which I choose them J). He loves his job, good music and tasty food. Always smiling, inspiring people around him, but always in a hurry due to his busy agenda. Simply because he is knowledgeable and capable. Who will be this member of our team, stay tuned and soon you will get to know.





My gang wouldn’t have been the same without him. The guy who you will hear screaming: “The dress…take care of the dress”. He assists with the styling and cheers the work process with his art manners.  You can rely on him for reading the stars for you and preparing a horoscope.

You can follow him.

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