This post is for all my friends – the babes who will stay forever young. Do you know that gay tourism grows every year? This is not surprising. All my gay friends travel more often for a weekend trip or vacation. There are cities, where you know that you will have a lot of fun and chances to meet new people and visit great gay clubs. I will not explain how it is to be in a gay club, but for me these are the best parties ever. Because there is no limit. In a lot of counties people don’t accept the different sexual orientation and there are a lot of gays undercover. They cannot show their real personality, because the public will discriminate them. I am happy that the new generation is changing this. But this is one of the reasons why my gay friends travel a lot in Europe. In the past Amsterdam was the gay capital of Europe, but today the choice is big. So if you wanna have fun side to side (how Ariana Grande sings) and escape for few days, these are the suggestions from my gay friends.

Top 3 cities in Europe for gay tourism:

1) Barcelona (Spain):

Barcelona is always worth it. The city has what to offer to everyone, but if you are gay, here is the biggest Mediterranean pride.  Save the dates 7th and 8th of July. There will be village and popular parties at Moll de la Fusta, The Pier in Barcelona and the big event is on 8th of July:  PRIDE Parade at Paral·lel Av. Some of the bar and clubs you can find easily on this gay map.

2) Berlin (Germany):

The first gay pride in the world was held in the form of a protest on 28 June 1969  in New York.

Today one of the biggest and the most popular in Europe is the one in Berlin. In 2017 the gay pride in Berlin will be on 22 July. In Germany it is called CSD (Christopher Street Day). Berlin has what to offer every day of the year. The city is symbol of freedom, creativity and no wonder it attracts tourists from all over the world. The gay bars and clubs are located in the areas of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. There are plenty of events all over Germany for gay tourism, not only in Berlin. The variety on offer has something to suit everyone – a wide range of cultural attractions, breathtaking scenic beauty, and the highly organized gay communities enable you to feel right at home, and experience a truly memorable trip – or the most relaxing vacation.

3) Brighton (UK):

The gay capital of UK Brighton is a must. Located on the ocean, all the main sites are on a walking distance. You can book a gay hotel, visit a gay bar and club, enjoy gay sauna. There is a gay area, a street were you will find everything. Based on friends’ advice I can recommend Revange Legends club and for after party Bulldog. If you visit Brighton during the summer, you can enjoy and relax on the beach. The most popular section is the nudist beach. The best pride in UK is in Brighton from 4 to 6 August 2017.

I wish that every human will be evaluated one day by his knowledge and work, by his actions and talents, not by his gender, skin color, age, nationality or religion. And there will be more and more cities for my gay friends where they can live freely and enjoy life and love. Because love is freedom and freedom is a symbol of love.

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