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Why Betty: My name is Tsvetelina but my friends in Asia call me Betty. Welcome to my world. πŸ™‚

Traveling is a way of living for me. At school I fell in love with Geography and this inspired me to study Tourism. Since 2003 I work in culture tourism in Bulgaria and I welcome guests from all over the world. I am looking always for the authentic because I believe you can find good in every moment, destination, person while walking your path in life. I will not share with you my diplomas, I tried to have a few :). I will share with you my beliefs before you book me as tour guide, motivation speaker, travel vlogger/blogger or destination manager.


What makes one tour special I believe is the person. When you choose to travel with me, you will have a meeting not only with my knowledge but with my energy, my personal experience, my feelings and emotions, my wisdom and lessons, which I learned in an easy or challenging way. There are many great guides and story tellers in Bulgaria. The only reason why you will choose to book a tour with me or invite me for a speaker/media to your event needs to be if you vibe the same way as I do. This will help me show you Sofia and Bulgaria in an authentic way, to feel the life and the place as a local and to share my personal stories and experience with you during the tour or attending your event.

I’ve been to more than 30 countries but what I cherish the most are the meetings with the people everywhere I go. After you meet me something will change within you. My experience will make you richer and yours will enlarge my horizon and point of view. Sharing takes time. This is the reason why I love to travel slow and when I plan the tours I try you to enjoy it. In order to give you the extra value of your travel experience as a local guide and storyteller, I need to hear your interests and you to trust me with the program. My inspiration is with me always.

betty travels

I believe that traveling gives you the best opportunity to get to know yourself. Do not control it, please try to trust and enjoy what happens and where the road brings you. If there is a change maybe it is for the better. To reconnect with your real self and your soul you need to slow down, to trust, observe, to feel, to choose your food carefully, to choose your thoughts, to choose the place and the people following your intuition, to enjoy the road. All this will keep your positive vibe for a long time and your life will go with the flow, you will enjoy every moment and be at the right place at the right time, meeting the right people and collecting the great experiences. People will fell the love and joy, the harmony which you bring wherever you are. I believe we are rich when we have this connection every day with ourselves, nature, the universe, God.

Our travel experience in Bulgaria is what you will take with you back home, not the souvenirs. But you will remember the people, the authentic atmosphere, the honesty and the open hearts of Bulgarians. I am here to help you find them and recognize the true colors of Bulgaria. Because you’ve seen a lot. But what you can find here is the Bulgarian spirit, this power, which makes us go forward no matter what happens on this territory. This power we keep in our hearts. Our soul is the storyteller of this unique journey. Faith is our guidebook and love is our fuel to reach the local beauty, people and authentic stories.

I am keen on street photography and storytelling with videos too. About my personal journey, I can share with you a lot to motivate and inspire you to find the power within you and keep walking. It is a journey of a lifetime and I will be happy you to be part of it even only for a day. Nice to meet you and thank you for your interest in Bulgaria, in our culture and the trust in me as a local guide for your authentic travel experience at my home or a motivation speaker/story teller for your event. #mytravelingsoul talks with you πŸ™‚ Share your ideas with me now: .

There are many ways to tell a story but the best one is when you let your heart speaks and people feel it. Enjoy your day wherever you are!



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