Instagram fun

Smile is always needed especially today when we are staying at home. Everyone is taking care of the body but our mental health is very important too. Be careful what you are watching and reading. This is one of the rules to keep your spirits high. Today I share with you 3 of my favorite Instagram profiles. You can count on them. They bring the smile and joy back to your daily life while you are staying safe at home.

  1. skateboardk9  – where the dog George skates amaizingly

    Check out George’s skills. He is having fun outside and shows off his carving skillz to new friends  on Instagram. George will often times push his skateboard back up the hill so he can fly down again! Is’t this freedom and having fun?

Instagram fun

2. The brutis – enter the BRUTIS SQUAD

BRUTIS: he does stuff, MAXXX: ex hobo, The SENATOR: the pawlitician, MR BIGGZ : the pewny one,
Olaf : renegade papillon, Henny: a chicken, Luis: regulator. Enjoy their Instagram profile! 🙂

Instagram fun

3. my.dogness – funny dog videos daily on Instagram

Instagram fun

             Betty tips for dog lovers and Instagram fun 🙂

And if you are a cat lover, my cat Greta is welcoming you to her Instagram profile too: Mrs Greta / г-жа Грета . She has more followers then me. But you can help me in this battle by following betty_travels too. Thank you! I am posting photos from my trips and helping you dreaming of your next destination. There is one good thing about this period when I am staying at home. I have more time for my blog, vlog and interacting with you on social media. Let’s share our love for traveling and travel online. If you want to join me please send me 3 of your travel photos at and I will be happy to share your travel story here. There are three topics: #Bulgaria #mylasttrip #tripofalifetime.

Warm greetings from Sofia,


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