Art gives us the chance to create, to inspire, to connect with each other. Art has always been the answer. Art is the international language of our souls and there is no limit or rules how to express your feelings, emotions, love, wisdom. Just do art and share the love. I love street art and Dresden gave me a lot of reasons to turn on my camera.


While walking on the streets of Dresden Neustadt, I found something new for me. The new town (Neustadt) is the heart of graffiti art in Dresden and the highlight for going out for a lot of locals and travelers. Passing by the colorful wall of El Cubanito restaurant I turned to Görlitzer street. Street art is everywhere and you cannot stop taking photos. But my eyes stopped on a colorful box. By the entrance of Lollos Homestay Hostel I found the new art vending machine in Dresden. Today you can find art in different packages but this is a great idea for art lovers to surprise a friend or just to find a reason for good mood.

The first art machines were launched in Berlin in August 2001. I’ve been there many times but I saw such for first time in Dresden. Small art surprises can be received from art machines in the form of small pictures, objects, drawings made from a variety of materials. You got small original art messages of love on your way to your girlfriend, as a gift for a birthday, as a souvenir for a meeting, or simply as a collector’s item. In every piece of art drawn there is a package inserted that gives a small insight into the life and work of the artist.


Thank you to all artists who make the world colorful and inspire us to think differently!

Thank you to the German National Tourism Board for the invitation to return after so many years in Dresden. Danke!

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