Tuscany invites you for a walk back in time in Italy. They say the elapsed time is more important than reaching the desired place or destination. I agree that the experiences along the way touch you and you remember them forever. So is walking down the narrow cozy streets of Tuscany, which become scenery of plenty of Italian and foreign movies.

The streets of Tuscany 01

Hidden behind stone walls, the streets of Tuscany bring us back to the Middle Ages. How many people have passed, how many fates have touched this part of Italy? How many lovers have walked holding hands, losing track of time? If you are planning a trip to Tuscany, you must choose comfortable shoes, with which to conquer the paved guardians of memories of so many travelers and local people.

The streets of Tuscany 02

I wish you could get lost in the streets of the small towns in Tuscany and discover unexpected places, enjoy great views and be surprised by meetings with the local people. Try not to control the situation but allow more time for aimless stroll. Greet the locals with “Ciao”, smile and talk to the ice-cream seller or the waiter.

The streets of Tuscany 03

Touch by hand the stones, standing for centuries at the basis of the windows with wooden shutters and the artistic clotheslines. When you leave before getting into the car turn back, say thank you and tell yourself: I will come back. Again, I will walk down these streets and may I have someone to share the experience with.

The streets of Tuscany 04

I will go back to Tuscany this May. If you want to walk with me along these streets, join the journey. I hope one of the last two seats will be yours. We will visit a wine festival and stay at winery in Chianti.

The streets of Tuscany 05

Thanks to Top rent-a-car and Muse shop for making my trip comfortable.

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