Full-time traveller

In this video I will present to you the full-time traveller, awesome girl from Texas with the biggest and cuttest smile. I met her in Kerala during my adventure part of #keralablogexpress. Here is the story of Brittany – a travel blogger from USA. You can follow her trips on www.sweetwanderlust.com

Brittany is a scuba diving, ukulele-toting, ice cream addict who’s caught the travel bug in a big way! In August 2015, she said goodbye to Texas to pursue full-time travel. Brittany will be going to Tonga in August before Australia. She will be in Australia for a year, then Europe! And who knows after that!! Life total: 46 countries visited, since leaving last August: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, UAE, Thailand, Australia, NZ, and India!

Brittany, the full-time traveller

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