Christmas gifts for travellers

Being a keen traveller, I know it is difficult to surprise me with christmas gifts. This is due to the fact that each traveller is collecting moments, not things. I will share now with you some ideas and I hope I will be helpful to you in choosing Christmas gifts. To me I wish good health and love, the rest comes sooner or later and it happens when you think and believe. 🙂

Look at some Christmas gifts ideas

Christmas gifts

Flight ticket or a journey

1) Flight ticket or a journey

This present is always welcome. Everyone will be happy, give you a kiss and start jumping around. But you need to take into account if the gift person can make it on these dates and if you give as a present only a flight ticket, he/she can cover the costs for the rest of the journey. In this case buy a journey for them. If you are not sure for the dates, my advice is to give voucher to a certain amount. You can ask a tour operator (nvision travel or another) who to help you. Next together with the gift person you can organize the trip. There is no unreachable destination, if you plan in advance so that you minimize the costs.

Christmas gifts

Photography classes

2) Photography classes

To share travel experiences, each traveler sooner or later begins to take photos. I don’t know if you like my photos from my photo stories but I acquired my first skills at the class of Georgy Nedelcheff few years ago. You can find more information about the next course in January on:
The best option is the course to be combined with a camera but it depends on your budget. At PhotoSynthesis – place for photography, people and ideas, they will help you make a choice.

Christmas gifts

Gift from

3) Gift from

If you want to find Christmas gifts of good quality, that each fan of camping will appreciate, our next suggestion is to have a look at There you will find everything necessary for an unforgettable camping vacation, exciting travel adventures in the mountain and the necessary equipment for your ski vacation.

Christmas gifts

Scratch map of Bulgaria from

4) Scratch map of Bulgaria from
This is a fun gift, on which you will track your trips in Bulgaria.

The map is not only beautiful but it also includes 89 of the most interesting sites in Bulgaria. You can order it here:
If you want to give as gift a scratch map of the whole world, have a look what is on offer on

Christmas gifts

Adrenaline rush with SKYDIVE SOFIA

5) Adrenaline rush with SKYDIVE SOFIA

Experience that is to remember and that charges with adrenaline and energy. If you have any doubts whether it will be a suitable christmas gift, you can first choose a paragliding flight and then a parachute jump. I went straight into the deep.

Christmas gifts

Notebook or travel diary

6) Notebook or travel diary

Having all the modern technologies, you may say it is old-fashioned but I love to write down on a piece of paper. The batteries of the devices get low regularly, sometimes exactly when you need them. ? I am always short of notebooks and at home it is full with papers with ideas. ? You can choose a wonderful and creative gift from the notebooks of White Boat/ And I hope you fill them with travel impressions.

Christmas gifts

Customized hand painted sneakers by Brusarska Bilal

7) Customized hand painted sneakers by Brusarska Bilal

A wonderful way to remember your favorite travels simply by looking at your sneakers or to walk in a great mood along the streets of Paris. If it can be art and fun, why not go for it. ? My choice for this Christmas! ?

Christmas gifts

Wine bag with surprises by Vino Orenda Wine Shop

8) Wine bag with surprises by Vino Orenda Wine Shop

This suggestion is for all lovers of Bulgarian wine and wine tourism. The price is BGN 35 and it contains items from the shop and many surprises, one of them being Trastena Raspberry and Merlot wine! If you don’t like surprises, you can visit the shop and buy wine from the Bulgarian wineries Villa Yustina, Wine cellar “Manastira” and many others.

Christmas gifts

Useful travel accessories

9) Useful travel accessories

Here I can think of many options. Below are some of them:
– suitcase (a retro one for decoration or a new one for travelling)
– travel guidebooks with wishes to visit the countries
– small balance for weighing luggage (an important detail for long trips and shopping maniacs)
– pillow for sleep for the long hours of travel in the plane or on the bus
– external battery for phone, to be always in reach
– sunglasses
– compass
– selfie stick
– iPod with nice musiс or traveling
– nice book

Christmas gifts

Sauna or steam bath

10) Sauna or steam bath

I live in a flat and I can’t go for this suggestion, except if I buy a second one next to mine. ? If you have a house and you like spa relax, you can create such area at your place. BSPools & Spa will take care of your comfort and fun.

Christmas gifts

Photo travel book

11) Photo travel book

Not always the best christmas gifts are the most expensive ones. Sometimes if you have imagination and you spend some time, you will make your closest people happy with minimal costs. Make a photo book by choosing photos of a common trip and order them for printing. I make such albums and they are always a nice surprise. Christmas is time to meet the family and your friends, to share the moment and why not to remember the last trip.

Merry Christmas by me! Love each other and be with your relatives. Leave travel for 2016. ?

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