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It is again this time of the year when you go home. I love Christmas. Most of all, I love to spend time with my family and to prepare Christmas cookies. Also to stay in bed with warm socks and pyjama and to watch my favorite Christmas movies. Because there is some magic in this time of the year. You slow down a little and feel again as a child. I associate Christmas with the pure love. The love which you feel with your heart. Yes, I still believe in magic and that if we love each other and show respect, every day it will be Christmas.

My 5 everlasting Christmas movies:

1) Home alone (1990)

Kevin 🙂 This boy is a member of so many families for Christmas. I will never get tired of watching Home alone. Because it brings me memories of my childhood. For sure one day I will watch it with my children too. And they will meet Kevin for Christmas too. 🙂

2) Love actually (2003)

Eight very different couples are dealing with their love lives in London during Christmas time. But it doesn’t matter if it will last forever, it is always worth to fall in love. Be thankful for the moments which you share with the person who you love. If you love someone, simply tell him. Sometimes there is a happy end, sometimes not, but it is brave to try and to give love to someone. Because love is always in trend and it makes you a better person. It gives you experience and makes you richer on the way to your happiness. Be happy every day!

3) The holiday (2006)

The time when you break up with someone, whom you trusted, and you believed you had future together. As a result, two women swap homes in each other’s countries. In adition, they try to run away from the guys, who don’t love them and to start over. This Christmas movie reminds me how you can believe in love again. It doesn’t matter that someone hurt you, don’t look back to the past. Forgive him and yourself. Believe in love again. Don’t allow someone to love you less than you love yourself.

4) Family Stone (2005)

It is always worth it to leave your comfort zone. A conservative business woman accompanies her boyfriend to his eccentric and outgoing family’s Christmas celebration. As a result she finds out that she is living in frames, which she will change, and meets the real love. One real life story, which will bring you through different emotions.

5) Serendipity (2001)

And the last in the list of my fovourite Christmas movies: Serendipity. When you believe in destiny, you cannot run away from your love. Because it will find you back wherever you are. The signs are everywhere. Just watch and listen carefully. You can always find something good without looking for it. 🙂

Enjoy your Christmas holiday and may it bring love, peace and happiness to you and your families. And don’t forget love is in you. Just slow down a little and feel it.

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