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Divino Taste – the biggest wine forum in Bulgaria is changing like everything else in our life. Nothing is permanent and the journey itself is what matters. Moving forward brings us to the destination and the goals which we set. The focus of the wine forum is not only to present the Bulgarian wines and wineries to the public and the professionals, but also to connect all wine lovers.

Save the dates 23 – 25 November 2018 for your meeting with more than 500 Bulgarian wines from 70 wineries. If you are looking for deeper experience, join also some of the master classes and lectures during the wine forum in Sofia. Here I share with you what is new regarding the wine forum Divino Taste 2018:

New location. The Divino Taste wine forum will welcome all wine lovers at Inter Expo Center Sofia. I believe this change is for good and there will be more space for the wineries to present their wines. There it will be more comfortable for the visitors to go around and not to be afraid that someone will bump into you and you will break the glass or worse spill the wine :). The access is easy with public transport. You can take the subway, the line to the airport and step out at the Expo Center. The program and tickets you can find here. Cheers!

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Fine Wine Corner. Each wine bottle shares with you a story of the journey from the vineyard, through the wine making, up to the moment of serving you the wine in a glass on your table. The ticket for Divino Taste allows you to taste wines at all wine desks of the Bulgarian wineries except for one. For first time there will be a Fine Wine Corner at the Divino Taste wine forum. You can taste there Fine Bulgarian wines, which will make you experience the wine journey from the beginning to the end and your senses will feel all passages of it. Here the producers choose quality over quantity and put their love and energy in each bottle.

Divino Taste

Divino Card. If you want to stop at the Fine Wine Corner, you will need a Divino Card. You cannot pay cash for the tasting there. Before you enter the Divino Taste wine forum you can charge the card. The price is BGN 12 and includes 10 credits. This card you will need also to pay guarantee for the glass (BGN 5), which you will use during the Divino Taste wine forum. You can use the card during the 3 days of the forum and recharge it anytime with cash or a debit card.

Divino Taste

Riedel glass – enjoy the tasting. For first time you will have the choice to taste the Bulgarian wines in Riedel glasses, specially chosen for three of the traditional red wine varieties – Mavrud, Broadleaved Melnik vine and Rubin. The quality has a price. You can pay the guarantee of BGN 15-20 for the Riedel glass with your Divino card or cash. You will receive back the amount when you return the glass. The entrance tickets for Divino Taste wine forum you can get in advance until 21 November online or on spot. The prices are not high in order to keep the forum accessible for everyone. But for people to be responsible for the glasses, we need to pay the guarantee first. I hope the wine lovers will understand this.  Don’t worry you don’t need to change the glass, if you follow the wine tasting order. Just be open for the new changes and believe it is for good.

Share Bulgaria – Ministry of Tourism will announce during the Divino Taste wine forum the project Share Bulgaria. They try to divide and promote Bulgaria in 12 wine-culture regions and to offer a product for all people who love to travel slowly, to taste the local wine and food, to meet the culture and the people. This is how I travel and this I believe is the future in tourism. More and more special interest tours with personal attitude and quality experience. More than 10 years this is the focus of my travel company nvision travel.


Even if you don’t like the changes, they will happen. It is easier to look from the positive perspective and accept them, not to think in a negative way and lose your energy to fight with them. The wine teaches us to be flexible and accept the new, to change, to try, to taste, to experience and to enjoy life.

Don’t miss the great wine tasting experience during the Divino Taste wine forum. This November 23-25 in Sofia you will taste the Bulgarian wines which every year are different and the wine producers surprise us with something new. If you like it or not, it is your choice, but give yourself a try and visit Divino Taste without expectations, but open your mind and senses. Just enjoy! See you there!

Divino Taste

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