While in Sofia it is snowing and the temperature is -2 degrees, let’s plan some new adventures. Travel bloggers from USA, Germany and South Africa will inspire us in this post where to travel in 2017.  My friends are sharing with me which is their favorite destination and the experience which they will always remember. Some of them left their job and became full-time travel bloggers. They chose to be happy and not to live a life, which they don’t like. Follow their trips online.

Meet Brittany – a full-time travel blogger from USA:

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Favorite destination, a must visit for everyone: New Zealand. It’s the most gorgeous place I’ve ever visited and I believe it truly has something for everyone! It has mountains for climbing, natural, mineral-rich pools for relaxing, and bridges for bungying— I was away for 6 months and booked a flight back!

Dream destination for 2017: I dream of visiting South Africa. I love scuba diving and hope for the opportunity to cage dive with Great White sharks. The ones in South Africa are the only ones I’ve ever heard of that breach just like whales.

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Number 1 must-do activity: I experienced many unique activities during my 7 months in New Zealand, but the highlight was swimming with Hector dolphins in Kaikoura. The trip began at 5am with the most gorgeous sunrise I’ve ever seen and peaked when we were dropped off in a pod of 200 wild dolphins who played with us as we snorkeled in the open ocean.

Meet Matthias – a travel blogger from Germany:

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Favorite destination, a must visit for everyone: Serbia.

After slow traveling two months through Serbia last summer it immediately became my new favorite destination. I fell in love with the super nice, welcoming and outgoing people, the diverse landscape as well as the two amazing cities Novi Sad and Belgrade. It really makes me smile every time I write or talk about this unique destination.

Dream destination for 2017: I plan to stay in New Zealand and after that in Southeast Asia. However, as I am in love with Eastern Europe I really want to explore the former Yugoslavia region afterwards. It is still kind of untouched and has so many breathtaking landscapes and friendly people. I can’t wait to go there in summertime.

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Number 1 must-do activity: Escape from the stress in the city and set up your tent at a lonely beautiful beach. Nothing can beat the sound of the waves and the lonely atmosphere. Be one with nature and forget everything around you.

Meet Verushka – a lifestyle blogger from South Africa:

Favorite destination, a must visit for everyone: Kerala.

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Kerala was truly a once in a lifetime experience. This was my first introduction to India so it was rather special. The friendly faces that always smiled and the delicious food really sold this state to me. Not forgetting the 95% literacy rate which is totally mind-blowing.

Number 1 must-do activity: Two activities are a must do while in Kerala and they are: staying overnight on a houseboat in the Backwaters and visiting a Spice Plantation and seeing spices in their natural form.

Dream destination for 2017: My #BucketList grows daily but my Top 3 for 2017 would be: Dubai, Thailand and Reunion (to meet all friends from #keralablogexpress)

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Which are the top 10 destinations for 2017 according to TripAdvisor, find out here.

I hope 2017 will surprise all of us with great experiences and we will make together memories from all over the world. Follow my trips on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

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