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In this video you will meet Verushka, a lifestyle blogger from Durban, South Africa. She was the biggest smile in our group during the trip in Kerala. When Verushka laughs, the whole group does it. She loves vanilla, travel, books and gadgets. A domestic goddess with a mild addiction to all things British. She is mum to 2 fur babies Chai and Zara whom she adores.

The name of her blog Spice Goddess is inspired by a book and a movie called Mistress of the Spices.The movie is based around a Spice shop in America that sells Indian spices and a beautiful woman who works there. The main actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was crowned Miss World in 1994. Inspired by the movie Verushka starts blogging. Her blog Spice Goddess covers food, reviews, travel and promotes local businesses.

Besides being a lifestyle blogger, Verushka is also a lecturer in tourism at a college in South Africa. Her mum wanted her to become a teacher and she became a teacher. In 2010 she returns from London and a friend of hers told her she is good with words and that she should become a journalist. Thus she starts the Spice Goddess blog. Verushka writes every day and each day of the week (Monday – Friday) she writes about a different subject. On Monday she shares recipes, that she has cooked, with her readers. Tuesday it is about motivation and she talks about what motivates her. Wednesday Verushka reviews products. Thursday is all about #travelthursday. Lastly, Friday she promotes local businesses on her blog.

For me her story is an example that it is never too late to be what you want to be. Even if your parents advised you to follow a certain profession, if you feel like, make the change. Maybe one day I will become a dancer!

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Verushka, lifestyle blogger

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